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We will soon be launching our  GeoHelp platform which has many state-of-the-art features.  Customers can use our iphone app to ask “How late are you guys open today?”, or “Do you carry Gucci sunglasses?”, or “I bought some paint from your store last year… how can I match the color when I buy more?”  Businesses answer these questions using their own iphone app or via a simple SaaS support screen.  This IMMEDIATE gratification makes for happy customers !

Now that a “conversation” has been started, why not send something special to that customer so they come to your store ?  GeoHelp lets you instantly select from premade messages and send these to one or many customers in less than 30 seconds !  We call these messages “Super Messages” because they contain over 25 pieces of information including a YouTube video, QR code for redemption, links to all social media, and much more.

GeoHelp includes the following features which a business accesses on the GeoHelpAdmin web site:

  • GeoRewards - automatically send incentives to customers when they are close
  • Mobile Chat - offer VIP service and be “top of mind” when customers have questions
  • Instant Mobile Messages – send a mobile video message to any customer in 30 seconds
  • GeoMap- make your business stand out on our location-based business map
  • Instant Promotion campaigns - send mass mailing with powerful targeting filters
  • Build your database – easily add notes and details to customer files
  • No POS redeem system - the GeoHelp redemption system does not require POS integration
  • Verify your ROI – track customer behavior from initial contact to in-store purchasing

So, hopefully, you agree that…  location-based customer service has arrived !

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It is one thing to identify a problem, and another thing to ACT when there is a problem.  It is every persons responsibility to TAKE ACTION and use social networking responsibly !

Both businesses and customers need to take the time to understand the risks and consequences of distributing personal information WORLD-WIDE… FOREVER !   One must understand that publicly visible real-time location information, publicly documenting “stupid” behavior, and interacting with “anyone” IS (and always has been) a really bad idea.   I wonder how many potential “presidents of the USA” will be eliminated because there is an instantly findable picture of them “having fun” when they were 18 years old ?   It is time for social networking tools to be the LEADERS in “common sense” policies and protection technologies.

And then there is the criminal activity…  this is a REAL and DANGEROUS threat of both theft and personal harm.  Priority #1 for social networking tools should NOT be maximum sharing of information, priority #1 should be SAFETY.   These threats are primarily online right now, but there will definitely be more more examples of offline criminal bahavior in the next few years due to careless exposure of WAY TOO MUCH information !

What brought all of this to mind was the following whitepaper from McAfee…  (read it here)  Here is a short quote:

Social Networks Will Be Platform of Choice for Emerging Threats.Facebook, Twitter, and third-party applications on these sites are rapidly changing the criminal toolkit, giving cybercriminals new technologies to work with and hot spots of activity that can be exploited. Users will become more vulnerable to attacks that blindly distribute rogue apps across their networks, and cybercriminals will take advantage of friends trusting friends to get users to click on links they might otherwise treat cautiously. The use of abbreviated URLs on sites like Twitter make it even easier for cybercriminals to mask and direct users to malicious Web sites. McAfee Labs predicts that cybercriminals will increasingly use these tactics across the most popular social networking sites in 2010.

NOTE to Businesses:  Are you a NEW MEDIA leader?   Help us forge new ground by supporting 2du’s “SECURE & ANONYMOUS Social Networking Platform for Business & Customer Engagement”.

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GeoHelp for Sales, Support and Branding

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The GeoHelp platform is undergoing final testing ! This system features a Help community for ALL participating BUSINESSES so they have their own “Mobile Support” page.  Here is an example:

Anyone can view and READ this interactive dialogue happening between each business and interested followers. When you join GeoHelp (, then you can participate in the discussions online or using your mobile phone. Use this medium to 1) ask sales or support questions, or 2) find out about the latest news, or 3) to discuss relevant topics around this company’s products or services !

GeoHelp is a completely unique social networking concept: A verified user environment where participants (customers) are anonymous, yet businesses get maximum non-identifiable demographic information about customers who specifically REQUEST a dialogue with them. This concept allows businesses to customize their sales and support efforts to be more relevant to individual customers interests. This system enables businesses and consumers to have a much more personal dialogue !

Customer preferences are the TOP priority - The GeoHelp platform ( ) puts the customer in charge of the business/customer relationship. Who to contact, when to contact, and how much contact one desires are all issues that THE CUSTOMER controls.  Click here to see: Business selector or Mobile settings.

Privacy & Security are a priorityGeoHelp consumers are anonymous to businesses, (but “known” to 2du) because everyone’s contact information is VERIFIED to protect against fraud and enable the ability to blacklist a troublemaker, an optional PIN code can be used in SMS text messages to protect against identity theft, no 3rd party URL shortening is used to protect against links to malware, and much more !

Real-time Messaging- Imagine a restaurant that is having a slow night so the owner takes out his mobile phone and creates the following message on their microblog; “2 for 1 on all entrees for the next 3 hours” . This message is automatically sent to ALL opt-in members who “follow” this restaurants microblog (via web, email, RSS, or mobile texting). I think this example says it all… the power of real-time messaging will revolutionize many business sectors !!

Microblog admin tools are a priority – Businesses get multiple support tools which send notificationswhen new microblog posts are received, demographic data for each participating member is easily viewed, posts can be labelled with priority levels and issue status(answered/being investigated/unanswered), your microblog integrates easily to Google Analytics, customer historical data and sales/support notes are available together with each post, and much more !

BRANDING is a priority - GeoHelp communities let businesses have a “personality“, participating tells customers that your business brand is CUSTOMER-DRIVEN, GeoHelp has security features that keep your brand away from spam and malware, GeoHelp has features which encourage honesty and accountability, GeoHelp compliments all of your other marketing vehicles (web sites,blogs,social networking sites, etc), and GeoHelp lets you communicate ONE-ON-ONE in REAL-TIME so you can “WOW” them every day !

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You probably know that “malware” and “identity theft” are potential computer problems that can strike any of us.  I was just reading an article by Finjan Inc. (a leading anti-virus software provider) who wrote that they were able to track a “bot network” (hacker software) all the way back to the master server in the Ukraine that still had REAL TIME CONTROL of over 1.9 million computers !  Read that one more time… they had REAL TIME CONTROL over 1.9 million computers that are innocently sitting in living rooms all around the world !  And that is ONE example of what is happening on the Internet today.

We are no longer talking about “hobby hackers” sending “annoying jokes” that wander the Internet causing mischief…  we are talking about organized cyber-criminals who are actively trying to get into your computer and accounts (like social networks).  This article says that there is even a blackmarket where the “keys” to these hacked computers are sold.  So gaining control over your Facebook account can be SOLD to another hacker !  Click here to read this fascinating article.

I think you get the idea…  we are living in a different world now…  ALL of us must be serious about security in ALL of our Internet activities.  Especially when using social networking systems.

The GeoHelp Platform has a signup process which requires all users to VERIFY that they are REALLY the owner of the email account and mobile phone number that they have entered.  This might take just a few more minutes… but I hope you understand that it is in your own interest to do this simple verification procedure.  When identities are VERIFIED, we ALL have a safer environment.

VERIFY = text message sent to your mobile phone and email.
You answer the message and you are verified !

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What will your CEO say when he reviews customer postings ?

You were just given the DREAM assignment of building up the “social media” presence for your company…   you do all of the right things, you get the FACEBOOK page started, you get your TWITTER account, and you start communicating with your customers !!

So far so good…

A few months go by and you are having a great time interacting with potential prospects and existing customers.  Now the CEO visits to see how things are looking.  He seems to have a completely different perspective…  How are you capturing these leads ?,  Why are people talking about politics and weather?, Where are you pitching our new product line?,  then you see his stern face go from BAD to WORSE…    “What is this ???   Someone wrote the “F” word on our web site ???   Get that OFF immediately !

You clear your throat and and hope for the best…  I’m sorry sir, but we have very little control over what people write on our social media sites

SILENCE…..   SHOCK….. The boss turns to you and saysFrom what I can see, YOU don’t have any ROI metrics in place,  our sites are poorly focused, we are not capturing customer insights, and YOU allow our BRAND to be associated with bad language ?  Come to my office first thing tomorrow and explain to me why this is our BEST solution (?)

So, how SHOULD a business leverage the power of social media ?    Businesses should use social media tools that are specifically designed to both engage your customers while protecting your BRAND. Social platforms such the 2du Business MicroBlog Platform offer advanced security mechanisms, identity theft protection, integration into CRM software, personalized email & mobile coupon generator,  mobile barcodes for ROI tracking, and of course,profanity filters !

Click here to see an example of a GeoHelp Community.
Click here to read more about our BUSINESS features.

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One of the central concepts of the GeoHelp Platform is to let consumers control their own preferences.  Under the SETTINGS section on the GeoHelp website, there is a page where you are given full control of your location data, your account start page, your language and locale settings, and much more !   Every time you choose to follow a business, you can select if you want communications via mobile, email or web.   If you choose “WEB”, this means that all communications comes to your private GeoHelp account and you are never bothered with business messages to your email account or mobile phone !

GeoHelp preferences

Click here to see the ENTIRE preferences page   

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