Social Media Managers – Are YOU Responsible for Postings ? YES !


What will your CEO say when he reviews customer postings ?

You were just given the DREAM assignment of building up the “social media” presence for your company…   you do all of the right things, you get the FACEBOOK page started, you get your TWITTER account, and you start communicating with your customers !!

So far so good…

A few months go by and you are having a great time interacting with potential prospects and existing customers.  Now the CEO visits to see how things are looking.  He seems to have a completely different perspective…  How are you capturing these leads ?,  Why are people talking about politics and weather?, Where are you pitching our new product line?,  then you see his stern face go from BAD to WORSE…    “What is this ???   Someone wrote the “F” word on our web site ???   Get that OFF immediately !

You clear your throat and and hope for the best…  I’m sorry sir, but we have very little control over what people write on our social media sites

SILENCE…..   SHOCK….. The boss turns to you and saysFrom what I can see, YOU don’t have any ROI metrics in place,  our sites are poorly focused, we are not capturing customer insights, and YOU allow our BRAND to be associated with bad language ?  Come to my office first thing tomorrow and explain to me why this is our BEST solution (?)

So, how SHOULD a business leverage the power of social media ?    Businesses should use social media tools that are specifically designed to both engage your customers while protecting your BRAND. Social platforms such the 2du Business MicroBlog Platform offer advanced security mechanisms, identity theft protection, integration into CRM software, personalized email & mobile coupon generator,  mobile barcodes for ROI tracking, and of course,profanity filters !

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