2du Media LLC is a new media company located in Silicon Valley, CA. We are are a team of eight people working to deliver innovative solutions that bring “new media” technologies to the small business community.   We created the GeoHelp Platform which enables businesses to provide superior customer service and rewards to their customers.  This Engagement System combines social media, loyalty rewards, location triggering, and mobile services.  We supply a unique admin portal for every business (GeoHelpAdmin.com) and a unique portal for every customer (GeoHelp.com).

Our goal is to create a WIN-WIN where  1) consumers get superior service and rewards and 2) “brick and mortar” businesses increase customer loyalty and increase their sales.   This is what creates a  FUN and sustainable environment for our communities.

So…back to this “About”…  my name is Bob.  I’m the guy “driving the bus” for the 2du team.  Just to give you a flavor of where the 2du ideas come from, I figured it was be helpful to say a bit about my background…

Education: I have an undergrad in Electronics Technology from Arizona State University, a Masters Degree in Technology Management (MSTM) from Pepperdine University in  Malibu CA.   I also found some time to get a Graduate Certificate in Computer Networks from Boston University.

Experience: During the early part of my career, I was always involved in product design from both the technical and the business perspective (concept, business plan, design, development, production).  After the MSTM degree, I become much more involved in Sales and Marketing of high technology products (concept, biz plan, sales channels, partnerships, promotion).  Employers include JBL Professional (audio/video), Novo Diagnostics (brain scanner development),  Twister Engineering (my own company – audio/video),  TC Electronics (the sound of Pink Floyd!), Siemens Telecom (cell phone design/production),  THAT Corporation (IC Chip Design & stereo TV), and Cimetrics Inc (networking equipment).   I lived in Denmark for 13 years so I have also been quite involved in international business.   From my perspective, I feel extremely lucky to have been exposed to so many interesting consumer and professional markets.

And now, I have pulled together a HOT team of technical and business pro’s who are having great FUN bringing NEW MEDIA solutions that simplify the high tech media world for small businesses.   We think we have created some clever solutions, and would appreciate your feedback.  Tell us how we can help your business !


Bob photo
Bob Ofenstein
CEO – Owner

2du Media LLC
601 Ansel Rd #210
Burlingame, CA 94010

Phone:  1-510-684-6035
Email:  info at 2du dot com

(Replace “at” with @ and “dot” with . )

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