GeoHelp Identity Protection: Why Is This Necessary?


You probably know that “malware” and “identity theft” are potential computer problems that can strike any of us.  I was just reading an article by Finjan Inc. (a leading anti-virus software provider) who wrote that they were able to track a “bot network” (hacker software) all the way back to the master server in the Ukraine that still had REAL TIME CONTROL of over 1.9 million computers !  Read that one more time… they had REAL TIME CONTROL over 1.9 million computers that are innocently sitting in living rooms all around the world !  And that is ONE example of what is happening on the Internet today.

We are no longer talking about “hobby hackers” sending “annoying jokes” that wander the Internet causing mischief…  we are talking about organized cyber-criminals who are actively trying to get into your computer and accounts (like social networks).  This article says that there is even a blackmarket where the “keys” to these hacked computers are sold.  So gaining control over your Facebook account can be SOLD to another hacker !  Click here to read this fascinating article.

I think you get the idea…  we are living in a different world now…  ALL of us must be serious about security in ALL of our Internet activities.  Especially when using social networking systems.

The GeoHelp Platform has a signup process which requires all users to VERIFY that they are REALLY the owner of the email account and mobile phone number that they have entered.  This might take just a few more minutes… but I hope you understand that it is in your own interest to do this simple verification procedure.  When identities are VERIFIED, we ALL have a safer environment.

VERIFY = text message sent to your mobile phone and email.
You answer the message and you are verified !

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You drive home an excellent point in this post. If we are not careful with online security than our identity is in great danger. This microblogging system you describe in the post seems like an interesting approach to eliminating identity theft and improving security.

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