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One of the central concepts of the GeoHelp Platform is to let consumers control their own preferences.  Under the SETTINGS section on the GeoHelp website, there is a page where you are given full control of your location data, your account start page, your language and locale settings, and much more !   Every time you choose to follow a business, you can select if you want communications via mobile, email or web.   If you choose “WEB”, this means that all communications comes to your private GeoHelp account and you are never bothered with business messages to your email account or mobile phone !

GeoHelp preferences

Click here to see the ENTIRE preferences page   

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Privacy is paramount in the mobile messaging space. Kudos to 2du for realizing how important customer privacy is and developing such an easy interface for consumers to interact with their favorite brands.

Consumers must always be in control of what they receive on their mobile devices. By controlling when and how they are contacted, the consumer lets brands interact with them on his/her terms and not the brands. This is the power of mobile. Communication from your brands when and how you choose!


Dear Giff. Thanks so much for your comments. I think a lot of companies forget that they too are consumers. Privacy is a huge issue and is often overlooked.

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