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New research by the consumer research company Communispace ( shows that connected consumers want control over the cadence and content of messages sent to their mobile phones. This conclusion is contained within a report entitled “Connecting with the Connected Consumer” which is the exact opposite of what is currently being done by most mobile marketers I know of very few brands that give their customers a way to express their preferences and give them the ability to edit or modify how they are contacted.

Other conclusions in the study were:

1)  Companies MUST respect the privacy of consumers.  Treat people like you would want to be treated.  Instead of YOU tracking your customers, why not enable customers to track you!
2)  Offer something of value - Mobile consumers are ready and waiting for contact with familiar brands on mobile devices; awareness and willingness is there, but few brands have cracked the code for providing consistent value via mobile technologies.
3)  Hand over the reins – Mobile users want control over when, where, how, and how often they interact with brands on mobile platforms — the more personalized, the better.
4) Create custom, relevant experiences – Untargeted and irrelevant content will be shunned by mobile consumers. Specialized, personalized and exclusive rewards suggest an aptitude for giving customers what they need and want.

As a part of our GeoHelp Platform, we included a USER PORTAL FOR EVERY CUSTOMER so  everyone can control how they are contacted, and when it is ok to contact them.  Our system gives businesses the ability to send relevant information and rewards IMMEDIATELY to customers at the exact time when they want to engage.   Perhaps adding customer control portals might be the secret to creating a lasting relationship with your connected “followers” ?

Click here to read the full study.

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I don’t think of myself as terribly materialistic, but I enjoy being where the ACTION is and would also like to make enough money so I can do what I want for the rest of my life.  I think I found a subject that might fit the bill…

Market growth projections for mobile marketing

This graph is a little out-dated, but I’m sure the shape is still similar !

So where is this $$ coming from?
•  Text ads to opt-in customers (VIP Clubs)
•  Display ads on mobile web sites (scaled down to work on your phone)
•  Display ads on mobile search results
•  Display ads in mobile games or in TV-like guides
•  Video ads that come with streaming video, or mobile TV

I know… that sounds like a LOT of ads on my little phone display.  2du is doing something to address that issue…  we have created GeoHelp (web + SMS + email messaging) that lets every member manage their own messaging.  You get your own account where you select exactly what local businesses can send information and discounts to you.  You decide who can send messages, how many, and how often !  We are just getting started, so “pardon our dust”…  I hope you agree that this is the most powerful messaging system you have EVER SEEN !    Click here to see GeoHelp

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A “Super Message” is a whole assortment of info that gets AUTOMATICALLY formatted and delivered to a customer via Email or Mobile phone !    This is used for sending INSTANT coupons, INSTANT tickets, or even INSTANT product information or press releases !

We developed this system so a BUSY business owner (or their support person) can spend as little time as necessary sending  relevant and timely communications to all of their opt-in customers.  No need to worry about fancy formatting and database management.   Just select a premade Super Message, or write some text and press “SEND” !

Super Messages

Mobile message are sent as SMS text (or iphone Notification) with a link to a dynamically generated mobile website.  Auto generated info includes company photo, title, address, city, state, zip, phone, web site, email address, links to your GeoHelp account, facebook, twitter, youtube, myspace, digg, and up to four more self-defined links.  A google map shows you where this business is located, and a linear and 2d barcode is included for use as eCoupons or eTickets !   And our NEW VIDEO OPTION adds excitement to your brand !

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location_based_mobileI hear the same location-based coupon example all the time…  walk past Starbucks and BRRRR… you get a mobile coupon for 20% off a cup of coffee !

Sounds great right ??  Well there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with this vision !

The problem is that this solution does NOT SCALE ! Do you want coupons hitting your phone everytime you walk past a starbucks, or a CVS, or a McDonalds, etc…etc…  this whole concept gets annoying real quick !  PUSH advertising has always been annoying in traditional media and it is just as annoying in mobile media.

What is REALLY NEEDED is your own personal COUPON INBOX where brands send their coupons and offers.  You access this inbox and CHOOSE to use your GPS coordinates to find specials close to you !   This is what our 2du REAL-time Service Platform does.  You get your own web account where Businesses send their coupons and events information.  When you want to see specials close to you, you can use your smart phone to view and sort your local options !  Simple.

Our system gives you full control over who you want specials from, how many you will accept, under what conditions you are willing to receive them, and much more.  Sorting can be done by category, location, business, expiration, favorites.   And the best is…  2du offers location-based coupons for thousands of brands with absolutely NO MOBILE SPAM !

Go to to learn more.

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One of the central concepts of the GeoHelp Platform is to let consumers control their own preferences.  Under the SETTINGS section on the GeoHelp website, there is a page where you are given full control of your location data, your account start page, your language and locale settings, and much more !   Every time you choose to follow a business, you can select if you want communications via mobile, email or web.   If you choose “WEB”, this means that all communications comes to your private GeoHelp account and you are never bothered with business messages to your email account or mobile phone !

GeoHelp preferences

Click here to see the ENTIRE preferences page   

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