The Problem With Location-Based Coupons (Until Now !)


location_based_mobileI hear the same location-based coupon example all the time…  walk past Starbucks and BRRRR… you get a mobile coupon for 20% off a cup of coffee !

Sounds great right ??  Well there is something SERIOUSLY WRONG with this vision !

The problem is that this solution does NOT SCALE ! Do you want coupons hitting your phone everytime you walk past a starbucks, or a CVS, or a McDonalds, etc…etc…  this whole concept gets annoying real quick !  PUSH advertising has always been annoying in traditional media and it is just as annoying in mobile media.

What is REALLY NEEDED is your own personal COUPON INBOX where brands send their coupons and offers.  You access this inbox and CHOOSE to use your GPS coordinates to find specials close to you !   This is what our 2du REAL-time Service Platform does.  You get your own web account where Businesses send their coupons and events information.  When you want to see specials close to you, you can use your smart phone to view and sort your local options !  Simple.

Our system gives you full control over who you want specials from, how many you will accept, under what conditions you are willing to receive them, and much more.  Sorting can be done by category, location, business, expiration, favorites.   And the best is…  2du offers location-based coupons for thousands of brands with absolutely NO MOBILE SPAM !

Go to http://geohelp.com/ to learn more.

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