The GeoHelp Loyalty Framework


Most people are a member of some loyalty program.  An airline program ?  A large clothing store program ?  Here is an overview “framework” that helps explain how these systems work and why ALL BUSINESSES need to have their own Loyalty Program !

Loyalty framework chart

Rewardable Behaviors

The idea of a loyalty program is to modify your customers behavior.  You want them to visit your store more often, buy more of your products & services, tell their friends to do the same, help you improve your business, and more.  Modifying behavior is not a bad thing as long as you create a WIN-WIN proposition !

Reward Types

The GeoHelp platform enables the giving of “points”.  You can then create AUTO-REWARDS (rewards thresholds) so that (for example),  when a customer reached 100 points then they get a discount or a two for one offer.  When they reach 200 points then they get a higher discount, and when they reach 300 points then they get a higher discount plus two free tickets to a Red Sox game !  These settings are able to be done by you (the business owner) by creating SUPER MESSAGES at the start of your loyalty campaign.  Rewards delivery is AUTOMATIC !

Tangible and Intangible Results

The framework above lists a lot of good reasons why all businesses should use a loyalty program.  The GeoHelp iphone app offers location rewards while still respecting your customers privacy.  Concerning the intangibles, businesses will have the opportunity to associate their brand with a NEW INNOVATION and (hopefully) your business name can be seen in the GeoHelp map when consumers are close…  cool !

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