New Ad Technologies: The Fine Line Between Creepy and Cool…


I saw an article about individualized targeting of ads and thought to myself… it sure is a fine line between creepy and cool !  But I guess we experience this every day in movies and even rock bands (KISS !)

Is GPS location tracking creepy or cool ?   Is tracking of where you are, what you click on, or what you buy creepy or cool ?   That depends…

A professional consumer survey created by public policy and law experts from Univ. of Penn, and UC Berkeley found that consumers are very concerned about these issues. Some of the conclusions of this survey were:  1) companies must take their privacy policies seriously, 2) consumers must be given the right to object, delete or withdraw information collected, and 3) companies need to show respect for their customers. The entire report can be read here.

So… lets say that location and behavior knowledge technologies are going to be a fact of life.  How can it be done correctly ? What if you could receive the advantages of “location-based services” while keeping FULL CONTROL of your location data ?  Maybe companies will pay you for this info (giving points or discounts) ?   What if you had the ability to communicate your interests and needs to your favorite brands so they send you relevant information and incentives ?   Can you imagine a potential WIN-WIN scenario ?

GeoHelp is forging a path through this field with real alternatives. Our GeoHelp Platform lets customers be anonymous.  We do not share personal data with businesses.  We identify all info as being public or private.  We let customers delete their own community posts at any time, and much more !

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