Grow Your Business – a No Hype Analysis


A lot of us struggle with the real world issue of “How do I grow my business??”  I started looking through those dusty books on my shelves (from a previous lifetime!!) and found some inspiration I thought I would share.

Growing your business is NOT as complicated as you think.  Just like trying to scale a mountain, you have to get motivated enough to get “from here” to “that ledge”, and then from “the ledge” to “the next ridge”, and before you know it, you are there !  So, we need to break down the problem into smaller bites.

Here is the good news, you only have to increase 5 variables by 10% !

I know everyone hates math, but if you are a business owner then this makes sense:

A realistic grow your business analysis

So in conclusion, if you increase these 5 variables by 10% each then you will increase your  customers by 21% and your revenue by 46% and your profit by 60%.    So now, with my “2du hat” on, I would recommend that you start by increasing your leads by 10% by promoting your GeoHelp membership.

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