Would You Invest in This Team?


I love this photo !!   This is the original Microsoft team from 1978 ! That’s Bill in the lower left !  If you were talking to them in 1978 would you have seen that they had a “billion dollar opportunity” ahead of them ?

Microsoft team 1978

Well… to be perfectly honest, I think the 2du team ALSO has an opportunity to create a billion dollar company.  This is not because we are some kind of super geniuses, this is because there is a “perfect storm” of new media and social change opportunities happening RIGHT NOW !! Advertising is undergoing significant changes, mobile two way communications will become mandatory for all businesses, retail business models and technologies are changing, POS and mobile payment systems are changing, the technology divide between business owners and customers is growing, information filtering is increasing in value, and more !   A lot of the established infrastructure in these markets will be abandoned and reinvented.  This is a huge opportunity for the right team with the right resources. 2du’s business model, accomplishments and VISION proves that we are positioned to be a significant player in these markets.   Help us move to the next level…   it will be a FUN ride !

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